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OnlyMe - Fast, easy, access security for your PalmOS™ Organizer. Password Entry Window   OSv5 Compatible  
Note: OnlyMe is not compatible with PalmOS v5.0.4 or newer - including the following devices:
  • Tungsten 5 (T5)
  • Treo 650 (T650)
  • Treo 680 (T680)
  • Tungsten E2
  • Tungsten X (TX)
  • Z22
  • T3 with OS update installed
  • Devices running Palm OS 5.4...
  • Devices using NVFS (Non-volatile File System - devices that do not lose all data when the battery is completely drained)
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Backdrop Images... (for use with the registered version of OnlyMe) Build your own backdrop images.

OnlyMe automatically locks your PalmOS™ device whenever the device is turned off.

OnlyMe is quick, easy, and secure.

If you misplace your device, OnlyMe will ensure that no one can read the information on the device.

Since OnlyMe locks your device whenever the screen is turned off, you do nothing special to ensure the privacy of your information.

OnlyMe is designed to let you turn on your device as easily as possible. Entering your OnlyMe password can be as easy as making one quick gesture with your stylus or finger. And your device returns to the state that it was last in. No need to switch applications!

A German version of OnlyMe is included in the ZIP file.

OnlyMe Story

ClockOn - Power-on clock/calender display your PalmOS™ Organizer. Clock Screen   OSv5 Compatible  

ClockOn displays a clock/calender for a moment whenever you turn on your PalmOS™ device.

ClockOn displays its clock in several languages: English   French   German   Spanish   and Italian  

ClockOn may be set to display the clock for your choice of time. You may quickly dismiss ClockOn's display with a tap on the screen or a push of a button.

If you desire, ClockOn turns the backlight on for a time set by you. This makes it easy to see the clock in the night with no extra effort on your part.

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